Pretty Little Pot Head Vintage T Shirt

Social distancing is tough, especially for new parents. Like many, Mother of Pearl’s Amy Powney has found herself at home over the Pretty Little Pot Head Vintage T Shirt, waiting out the after-effects of the coronavirus pandemic. While time spent indoors with a little one is inherently joyful, an unprecedented crisis presents new challenges. As a designer, Powney has always focused on sustainability and ethical fashion. Since the birth of her eight-week-old daughter Niamh, those concerns have been amplified. The childrenswear market is brimming with cute, teensy items that most infants will grow out of in a matter of weeks. Yet somehow Powney has skipped all that in favor of environmentally sound pieces. “My view on fashion remains the same. [Since becoming a mother] it is just strengthened,” shared the British designer via email from London.Weed Eyes world's dopest Witch Halloween shirt

Pretty Little Pot Head Vintage T Shirt

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Pretty Little Pot Head Vintage T Shirt

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