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It is the elephants who are incredibly brave and the people who fight for them. Dragon Ball Beautiful Sunset Shirt The hunters are stupid idiots. I have no peace until trump is stopped.  It takes a sick person to desire hunting for fun or a trophy. If it’s not for survival, what joy does one get out of seeing another, innocent life suffer? I think an individual like that has major psychological issues! I find it coincidental that after his Asian trip, he reverses this horrific ban, what deal has he made with China, or Japan? China claims to ban ivory trade but has the biggest amount and still sells thousands of products made from it.

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Dragon Ball Sunset Beautiful Hoodie

In addition to poaching Rhino, pangolins, sea turtles, abolone. And illegally breeding tigers for bone wine, selling their paws, claws and pelts in the black market. Cruelly have bears in captivity in small cages with iron belts for their bile drained from their gall bladder, all for bullshit TCM or verility And illegal fishing in the China Sea, illegal shark fishing, slicing off their fins and letting them die a horrible slow death on the ocean floor, shark fin soup. Then there’s the illegal dog and cat meat trade where dogs and cats are boiled alive.

Dragon Ball Beautiful Sweat Shirt
Dragon Ball Beautiful Sweat Shirt

Here is a bit cold weather in my city where i live. Whether it’s cold or not i used warm quilt. Unless the forecaster said about this worst weather they must go ocean for fishing but now they think they will go whether it will storm or not. We had here a sunny and chilly day.There is snow on Bucegi mountain ‘s ridge. The forecasters said that we would have a very snowy winter. We will see whether their forecast is accurate or not and what kind of weather we are going to experience.

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Dragon Ball Beautiful Sunset Ladies V Neck

Burned alive, skinned alive, tortured because it’s believed the adrenaline released makes the meat more tender. I have a strange feeling that deals were made. Good point Lena about deals? Australian waters are also fished illegally with whales being caught “for scientific research” by the Japanese in our southern ocean Whale Sanctuaries!. As they say, “Something’s rotten in Denmark – and it ain’t fish!!!” It’s not U.S.,it’s the people behind those office. That’s why someone like you must be in that place soon, coz you have proved many times that you can protect living and non living things.

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Dragon Ball Beautiful Sunset Unisex Tank Top

I’m not American but it’s a wish coz you’re in no.1country and the pres.there is not a clown but a joke. Sorry to his supporters… It’s a conflict of interest and should be called out – his rich sons like to hunt endangered species for kicks and giggles and spread the ‘fake news’ that it helps conservation. All it does is line the pockets of the corrupt and mentally unstable leaders of once fertile lands such as Zimbabwe – a country ruined by that tyrant, Robert Mugabe in less than 10 years! So glad I visited Zimbabwe in the 90s when it was then still a gorgeous place.

Dragon Ball Beautiful Unisex Longsleeve Tee
Dragon Ball Beautiful Sunset Unisex Longsleeve Tee

This just sickens me! Dragon Ball Beautiful Sunset Shirt 1 elephant dies every 15 minutes due to ivory and trophy hunting. I hope Trump is happy once he has caused these magnificent creatures to go extinct! I have been advocating for elephants for years…raising awareness, signing petitions, donating money. I feel at a loss and don’t even know what more I can do at this point?!  I have some ideas Tatjana re: ending poaching and trophy hunting significant concerns for me as well, i understand you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

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