Behind Every Great Nurse There Is A Running Cna Vintage Retro T-Shirt

That this is this is what’s gonna do it but there is this cups here cups is wings on his heels more information conflict two Republican senators have voted not to vote Grassley and Michalski is the third year look at weirdest talking on Bacchus lifestream earlier that there are few of us are birthdays on November 6 you what if I could I would I would give up couple months of my life would if it meant we could just get the November 3 and get to get to that and staying think Ruth left us so she can be even more helpful for you okay he wanted to should be aggressive about not having another nominee by Graber and adding that Romney may not vote breaking Schumer’s interest Peter Ginsburg seat should be filled by next president okay so they’re going to resist the list that I cups comes up from a Behind Every Great Nurse There Is A Running Cna Vintage Retro T-Shirt lot of some readers okay what the Fox taro I got night of cups to the side of cups what the Democrats going to do going to be going to throw a wrench in the works are people gathering the Supreme Court building to the Supreme Court. Understand how bad Joey I understand those records of so right and the glassy Joe pizza black woman I’m going to lay off what is on the products and Emily on gelato people to trust him is my word on it is the same with Gaddis from Pioneer to save the democracy the same trolley so bad doing things we’ve never seen before breaking the mold he is not simple easy is not a leader. To have really so bad be okay acting like it’s okay for these times the steeds to go in and steal stuff from nice stores and say where Albert can do that in and tired of the idiots I’m getting tired you know no matter how much money that no matter how long you been in office you can’t fix stupid okay and I see so much stupidity the day amazing to me the Washington Examiner says should be alarming to every American child official says

Source: Behind Every Great Nurse There Is A Running Cna Vintage Retro T-Shirt

Behind Every Great Nurse There Is A Running Cna Vintage Retro T-Shirt For Men and Women

52e86692 in honor of the nurses who risk their lives so they can save our face mask 4 - Behind Every Great Nurse There Is A Running Cna Vintage Retro T-Shirt
Behind Every Great Nurse There Is A Running Cna Vintage Retro T-Shirt

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Is the story of reckoning with your child from Dr King spoke to the Lincoln Memorial when the streets for the witness March just about American people he protested at George why we were people he protested in front of one of our most treasured houses of worship of the Bible for a Behind Every Great Nurse There Is A Running Cna Vintage Retro T-Shirt photo trout abides into our street into the air and federal helicopters to be delivered to your city or Yorktown for black and brown American lipids very enough for every American who believe for another reason to year old daughter brought in America where she stared to walk to the store America but she adores up her own home America with a private plane separate from our lab create a black map place where we can come together if they November 20 like Gelbart we will fade because those words both words we have to read those words we a lot may fit them for far too long but we have to do something to each and every one of owned by the data we can turn his back and we imagine the nation are we people all the people. Genand is before she was Atty Gen she was a district attorney in the in California is a Cisco open area so when whether she supported or opposed the legalization of the drug she replied saying my family is from Jamaica Astro that’s true and. Well the styleand looks the electrolyte also limited is kind of a classic quality of life when you see it is no question to how the family of the sound looks a seven at 10 I feel like with the change in the fairyand the 29th 2014 Molly or the project Rushmore like the fairing is a lot more modern looking now it is a nice upgrade I feel like now if you look at the old pre 2014 fairings just don’t look very very dated so you did a very very good job fairyand giving it a little bit anymore that modern feel to it big fan of anything that they fan of the tour pack as well look at the old pre 14 tour back to just basically just a square box the way these new tour packs come again 14and a newer model year they had tapered down as they go downand can give the illusion that the turnpike is smaller than it really is the fact that larger so you can do an exceptional job as welland so yeah you said 10 I do like this overall style is a really resonating withand you are younger generation no flick itemsand more more spending that a bad rap for being an old man’s bike but you a lot of goes away when you get into real hard court touringand going around the countryand really visiting places these bikes do very very welland like you appreciate the mixture of both comfortand utility makes with classic style in the stock on it almost becomes more appealing that is the unexperienced onlooker young onlooker who doesn’t really tried to set the motorcycle I can see how the style it kind of made to look like old man a little bit I don’t literally put too much stockand in that opinion because it’s like most Gaza say that you maybe don’t ride or do this type of cruiser long distance writing that guide also the site has in any way an identity crisis of Harley Davidson this is their breadand butter they puts the long haul touring motorcycle on the map everybody else is this kind of China they catch upand enqueue the things I do relatives has been direct for years so number eight is a hard solo Harley Davidson the electrolytes to have the heartand souland in this styleand love his dinner out with Harley Davidson now for first century you cannot deny this look as his peer Holly Davidson now than the walking aids plays a large part in how I rate this categoryand like I said in the past videos I do so like the Milwaukee eight as a hard solo Harley Davidson the more I ride the Milwaukee eight the more I realize relativesand actually nailed it they had a very tough task with trying to match modern technology was still retaining that that mostly air cooled pushrod sealand big twin 45 angleand there certain aspects of the motorcycle you just can’t do away with you making a Harley Davidson to heart so hurryand the engineers to really good job at retaining the core values in the core structure of of what makes a Harley Harley what makes a big 20 between while still incorporating some of the newer more modern conveniences into the engine so you think goes with Harley Davidson on that the thin tennis in this bike is very very good you know the painand I said the snake has a for the paint extremely good nobody can beat Hudson’s paintand the chrome on these bikes exceptionally well is exception good as well they they use what’s called a hexavalent chrome which is on mine in two places in the world sky connection molecule in there so might data the chroma Harley lasts for a very long time cheaper chromate turn yellow or dull over the years using chrome hangs in there very very good so the chroma spike yet top notch the finish is extremely goodand this by very much has that real heavy duty raw feel to it a lot of the competing heavy cruisers out there like your gold Linksys has a lot of shroud over the engine when the great things in the beauty of a holiday because you can see the engine its full beautyand gloryand you can kinda see the engine in its raw formand so near very minimal well beingand electrical linesand things like that showing this bike is very good job that’s at hiding all that stuff which really adds to the fitand finish of the bike as well so it can for hard solo Harley Davidson is my final score goes on a spike in any givenand eight I think if you’re at the type of writer that’s that has a passenger quite a bit you have the passenger likes right with you frequently you guys do overnighters it’s very hard to beat this motorcycle I guess that if you prefer the sharp nose over the batwing now it’s a go for the robot alternative very very comparable you got the 114 in a row that also this year as well so you take your we’re batwing your shark is faringand take your bike accordingly but I feel like there’s a lot of people out there that she writing this motorcycle neither writing a row by specialist revive special my advice you guys to be be honest about how you can ride the bikeand you’ll be honest know what your needs are going to be because it with the puffy signator pack this bike does have one more step in kind of that that geezer glide look out for for lack of their technical term diets it does really well out there on the highwayand you when you’re doing those long trips looks become less importantand functionality becomes a lot heckuva lot more important you can enjoy the ride more on this by this on to say that the rise data wrote letter streetlight is is quite a bit better you with more traveland the suspension that nicer seat on here as welland the more window guitar windshield that the right comfort is significantly better on this bike than a regular streetlight is one my subscribers recommended as part of my math score I include valuing here savanna what you get for your money the value thereand it’s hard for me comment on thisand gives commentaries be agreeable to a wide range of people is because people see five different things that I have seen the price of these bikes can increase gradually over the years your your full address or your that altersand eliminates you back 1015 years ago used to be to get a full full eclipse electrified to alter whatever it 22 23 000 in a limited came out around 23 24 000and highest steadily crept up over the years you with Milwaukee eight coming on the twin cooled coming out of twinkle added a cost which I said I would be justified that he eventuates it’s guy until point where areas of the technology being mass producedand not really cutting edge technology more than the president to come downand start manufacturing more more now nothing I see is a row by especially streetlight special blacked out parts feels like sick a big jump in those came out in the 2018 Molly yearand he jumped up like to 3000 with a special skin on 2014 they were like you 24 000 like thatand so that is blacked out partsand search valuables in the price the way outand I guess I don’t think that the price is blacked out partially justified him so she now it’s coming more more common title holiday Tourette’s in the 2018 Molly year annual dealer meeting he said that the quality control is a lot harder on the blacked out parts as opposed to the chrome because the chrome is a lot more durableand sell quality control was having to send back more of the black parts then they ever had with the groundand get immediate additional cost there but I guess laceration or guys yet to get a full I got atop the line touring motorcycle like this regardless of maker brand you going to be 25 26 000 plusand so I feel like the Harley Davidson is moving I said it was one or 2000 bucks last biteand it’s with with the new infotainment systemand everything instances come out lately I don’t think there were too far to line as far as value goes here socially compared to like on the Indians or or the Honda Golding they’re all pretty much right around the same price range would setting is a big misconception will be a Harley Davidson’s are way more expensiveand the competitors are a lot less they’re really not if you go to this classand motorcycle really high entering Marseille like this there all right are on the upper 20s so then the value is pretty good for what you get him an even better future realistic about like I since it is so may times are realistic about ladies the bike for if you need those extra things on there like the lighting in the tour packand the bigger seat on staff you some pretty guy in this motorcycle it was asked about how it will be on his videogame he thumbs up he had authority please subscribe I got tons a Harley Davidson contact come out all the time if you’re looking for a touring bike or in your Harley Davidson that in Southern California you can hit me job directly on histogram or go to our websiteand request a quote for you is dropped inand I would love to earn your business on a new Harley Davidson what has taken So the Internet has lost its mindand I include myself in a descriptionand hoping my YouTube homepage without a flood of angry game of thrones hot takes in hereand mostly to the conversation just Internet daily newsand I’m sorry but you know sometimes get feelings then you just discovered monetizing this cultural landmark one of the most popular television shows in history critical darlingand commercial success to show that unequivocally change the way television was made in this set should cherish where it’s going to change in the creative heads that show runners are always the same cast was the most uniformly the same slate so this is yet another autopsy on what I think the healthand for the most part I’m going to keep this to a discussion of the TV show we could get into discussions on intentionalityand adaptation that is right there because I don’t care stationed there for every creative decision should stand on its own regardless of whether it was in the books or not or how you think Jordan Martin is going to go with it whatever because the books are done yet to show what you whingeing about your lips are moving your complaining about something that’s when talking point in the wake of the finale in the writing was that popular thing always comes controversyand throws is no exception from day one we had hot tea about gender about betrayal brace sexual violence equitation unit your mileage may vary on how much you’re willing to put up with I was willing to roll with the problematic elementsand not ignore them except the sexismand racism in media is not not relevant to the discussion of bad writing when you stereotyping being lazyand thoughtless which generally makes for bad or at least an interesting writing tools that more on see the bright episode very lives don’t matter the same time no piece of media is ever going to be ideologically pureand it’s unrealistic to expect that criticsand fans alike have been discussing the problematic elements of game of thrones is the day that you for some they were too muchand people stop watching I know a lot of these people are others like me they digested it yet something is getting rapedand feeling has to watch with the five but we excepted itand continued to watch because they surely is leading up to something riveting or at least poignant critique of them in terms of the new big it’s different now before it was a valid how the thing is problematic when the design is that you correctly for when is it okay to have a rate now the discussion is more about right structureand plantingand payoffand character development in screenwritingand audience expectationsand subverting expectation from the black gold I golf more paramount reach of most of to culture in general especially for a long writing beloved seriously game of thrones we may eventually run into the which might make it if anything way longer than you should have after all you watchand we watched all the seasons multiple times you have a dedicated Twitter account just for life leading game of thrones okay everyone can fast travel all of a sudden when distance was a huge tactical consideration in early seasons but whatever fine can find them sure this is because authorities had somewhere important season seven wasn’t bad they were building up to something cool give them a chance what he really often probably even more oftenand I don’t watch the show is I stopped watching the show usually around season five when it really started to go off the rails but either way don’t worry we’re going to do a quick recap for the benefit of the people who stopped watching the show to watch the showand probably the people who everyone needs a quick recap anyway in my clinic I mean about half the runtime of this videoand also about to steal a lot of jokes from day of thrones so sorry Jonathan Dennis you just to steal from season one basically a murder mystery surrounding the line of succession for the iron thrown after the last hand of the king dies anything is basically the grand the year at safe success John was met someone ends with the child witnessing some incestand Prince charming from Schreck to brother D pushing the child out of a window presumably kill them but fails the king asked Sean Bean to be the new king after the Oakland A’s mysteriously so he goes planning with his two daughters engages daughter something to the evil press she’s thrilled but eventually Shami discovers that the prince of the incest after deleting heatingand brother D Robert Prosserand the legitimacy of King Bobby B you were looking for BB dies Sean Bean gets beheadedand a bagel war begins jumping people fighting for independenceand everyone else fighting for the throneand also Lord life alert over years like KMand the war to daughters on to become the captive other daughter Ari escapedand angry meanwhile across see the deposed king started to nearest its married off to this guyand raped than her husband learns to respect her fines such as something that you don’t know he’s deadand dragonsand up north John Snow discovers in my family until bagel war for succession has two brothers pleasant breadbasket king LaShawn been signedand also Lord of the no one cares islands is like KM in the work to any of the big battle led by Peter Gingrich evil in breadbasket king side when Charles Vance is the real power behind the throneand also the best character history do not just is meanwhile Sean Bean people are winning the war for independenceand Sean Bean Junior is supposed to marry Lord life alert’s daughter but he marries them in a chaplain instead fun fact that’s Charlie Chaplin’s great granddaughter North more zombies season three no one is grateful to Peter Denglish for his role in the battle are well he gets to be secretary of the treasury anyway Ari is still angry sauce is no longer evil in breadbasket king sensei Natalie dormer is aria is kidnapped by this guy needs tell the hound stories great brother D had a genuinely wonderful redemption arc with Capt
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