Bear That’s What I Do I Am A Nurse I Stab People And I Know Things Vintage Retro T-Shirt

Possibilities to be said again possibilities and set this nation apart and everyone everyone the ability for everyone and we meet everyone to go as far in dream is big as hard work and their God given ability will take what I agreed to serve as Pres Obama’s running mate has been number questions as high pass the most important was he said to me what he asked me what I want most importantly I told him I wanted to be the last person in the room before he made important decisions that harass as would be the last voice in the room always tell me the truth which he will challenge my assumptions if she disagrees asked the hard questions because that’s the way we make the best decisions for the American people I got a Bear That’s What I Do I Am A Nurse I Stab People And I Know Things Vintage Retro T-Shirt chance to spend some time in my home today and Doug want to thank them public for green to join and take his journey with you let me. Dennis Pres Obama’s vice president just tackled gun violence and climate change he stood up to dictators and supported our troops he led the recovery effort after the last recession and delivered on a promise to make our healthcare system fairer and stronger through it all Joe Biden’s never forgotten worries from is then sustained by his faith and his family through the toughest of times and he has the heart and a compassion for this moment for all of these reasons and more it’s my honor to second the nomination of my good friend Joe Biden to be the next president of these United States Chester Street crack in the future children are learning about learning about our plan our grief are wary also learning about Joe about how he restored the government integrity to the information. So you tell me if it’s a lie but this is the chatter tactics are happening with the Postal Service under the joy because these changes that he wants to make two make a proposal conference of the Postal Service how I don’t imagine that casualty occupied before on Friday and house committee next week went out front was unfortunately this isn’t about people not getting her medication and their unemployment checks and bills that they need to pay this is about the election in November and the controversy over that this is a Democrat versus Republican issue and he’s gonna have to answer for that that’s the reason that he rolled back the cuts over time and that the time changes in plans to shorten all the post office and and remove the blue pick up boxes from corners of that’s the only reason were talking about it and I think that people in Chicago and my neighborhood were happy for whatever reason if the mail gets delivered better and I think that he’s got a good grill the on part of the lines about what’s going on with

Source: Bear That’s What I Do I Am A Nurse I Stab People And I Know Things Vintage Retro T-Shirt

Bear That’s What I Do I Am A Nurse I Stab People And I Know Things Vintage Retro T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

Bear That's What I Do I Am A Nurse I Stab People And I Know Things Vintage Retro T-Shirt
Bear That’s What I Do I Am A Nurse I Stab People And I Know Things Vintage Retro T-Shirt

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Because again my job is to protect my children with my life and during his cove in 19 shit is going on at all his mask and as I saw the masks healthy human traffickers and if if I have family members that can’t adequately protect my child and don’t know this information then I can leave my job with them and if they try to take her from me without my consent without my permission I will call the FBI and I will file charges against you and I will put your ass and present I’ll get you my mother I’ll give you my sister I’ll give you my brother I’ll give my father I don’t care who you are because if you don’t know what’s really going on and was really being done wasn’t was really behind it and there’s no way in hell that you can adequately protect the child especially not my child does she safer with me plane is a Bear That’s What I Do I Am A Nurse I Stab People And I Know Things Vintage Retro T-Shirt and well as my son even with his mom so I guess he’s all right the backbone of the story and I’m going to get into okay let’s see we got some PayPal that came in our eye we got one from Tony Boswell no note shout out to you Tony. What it are you you you you you you you you all progress you will go all the all you need is what light is all you you how will you all to all will you what you about will at you only know what you were or that was that all you the will you and then I will every where it will will will will you now I I Valley here in a you I will my other 1148 I will I will be to go I think the word out to our rapid marker we are approaching the really there are no you really think I know there are her a history out here are more anyone want to honor all of her grandmother and fired by the people they are really the will place her very large oak and a and all you and you be the you will you you and I and you are in and in and will work with water is great when he sees one from an will will you of anyone something to do or you today on what rented a house. The cost met with over 200 oncologist in cancer research centers and I’m asking what is what made clear the way for where we and impediment is determined not going to walk away and tell there is real change this is a truly bipartisan issue so the leaders in this effort in the House and Senate Republicans as well as Democrats is been pushed to the edge of what anyone be expected to bear hauling correction of my cancer your man is you have experienced tragedies in our life and we are inspired by the way that you have responded to announce every single family American has been affected by cancer and we’re so close one wrong believe Anita shot this country to cure cancer is person but I know we can do there are so many breakthroughs just arise we can make them real absolute national committee are Democrats and Republicans on the Hill who share our silence this deadly disease by community one because it’s possible I before we continue with tonight’s program I want to thank everyone who has made this unprecedented
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