All I Want Is For My Dad In Heaven To Know How Much I Love ANd Miss Him T Shirt

Effort called rebuild the wall the first ever privately constructed border while the group raise more than 25 million to construct small sections of Wally New Mexico in support of one of the president’s chief policy goals would prosecutors say Bannon and three other defendants orchestrated a All I Want Is For My Dad In Heaven To Know How Much I Love ANd Miss Him T Shirt scheme to defraud hundreds of thousands of donors and it is accused of taking more than 1 million himself prosecutors say the group’s founder Brian Cole five triple amputee veteran took more than 350 000 in donations after promising donors he would not take a penny of compensation qualifies told CBS’s David Megna last year that his operation is clean if we are doing anything wrong go funny when shut this down in a heartbeat prosecutors say tens of thousands of dollars were paid to Cole five through his wife who flaunted their extravagant lifestyle and social media money paid for cosmetic surgery a luxury SUV and a brand new boat and once railed against the Washington swamp to 60 minutes swap as it is a business. Are very sick nearly 3000 patients are now enrolled in the expanded access program receiving transfusions nationwide and I want to thank all of the people that recovered for what they’ve done is I said yesterday they raise their hand when they barely can walk in there saying I want to donate blood I want to donate whatever it is that you want because we want to help people really quite incredible convalescent plasma will also be used to manufacture a concentrated antibody treatment that does not have Debbie match with a particular blood type this concentrated antibody treatment could be used as a preventative measure to keep healthcare workers and other high risk pop populations from contracting the virus in the first place very big deal clinical trials of these products is slated to begin within weeks and we can maybe have a fairly quick solution I urge Americans to get in there and keep doing what you’re doing because again that we want those people recovering or recovered from coronavirus to contact their. I thank them in public for green to join and take this journey with you let meyou have to learn what it means to be a barrier breaker yourself in this job you’re about to take on America’s first second gentleman and all their although they are not with us here today to thank Ellen Cole as well a chance to speak to Doug’s mom and dad and Ellen Cole and were to get our kids together to let them know what what’s coming on my grandchildren are about the age of the their children got to speak to the my campaign is I’ve been a family affair campaign to run so got some news for you are all by is the best part even in Otterbein for quite some time ago I came first to know was through our son bow by their friends they served as Atty Gen the same time it took the same big they took on the same big fights together California bow here in Delaware big fights that help change the entire country I know how much bow respected and her work in that matter a lot to me to be honest we as I made this decision so now we need

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All I Want Is For My Dad In Heaven To Know How Much I Love ANd Miss Him T Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt For Men and Women

All I Want Is For My Dad In Heaven To Know How Much I Love ANd Miss Him T Shirt
All I Want Is For My Dad In Heaven To Know How Much I Love ANd Miss Him T Shirt

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74 or whatever weather is 70’s that I had as a All I Want Is For My Dad In Heaven To Know How Much I Love ANd Miss Him T Shirt kidand it was at my accountand it was a busy little other than that you put gobbledygook been in moldsand ending with the staffand we actually did it I can see it 51 years later 51 years later we use the same staff had never been openedand cooked it made itand I didn’t so we feel about those toys from the 70s when I was a kid stuff that today parents would think would would kill a childand we’ve gathered a lot of stuff off of eBayand also survive kept from my childhood I want to show you a few things today but we went to gas what you think the number one most dangerous toy was that I had been a lot of people had from the 70s will show you that at the end right man are you a bunch of things to make the analysis of the I love collecting toys on eBay does get all the stuff this is stuff that I still haveand that I just love collecting toys my childand now my boys are 22 months old to wait for them to grow up a little bit on you to show them what real toy or in a can really get hurt like minimum age 3 dammit so let’s go a head start with one that we touched on draining credible animals thingand this is radio Matt is the Fry factory I had as a kidand it started with starts with the kingmaker there were many different sets for the thing maker but the filmmaker is this right hereand there is a great playand this hotplate isn’t just a warm plate system can play what is on this toy Arnold in 1966and I was five years old six years old when I am one annual between on the box map my litigant is reactivated by a present like that before handand turned as we touched on the other video but here’s my kiss my gun radio that is plugged in for little while ordering 2930 what 30 I you know you debris in your sister that think that that’s a good idea but you could accidentally redo number I didn’t have a sister I would ever premise is to let his box will be able to gas I this guy right here in commercials for Mattel magazineand pretty sure they used his imageand you’ll know this person’s name is actually use this is a Renishawand a pelvic commercial from back then from 1966 so I did the thing maker to I want to show is really quickly I what would happen if you did have that this kidand alligator Matt area so it would come with plate that the thing makerand a bunch of aluminum moldsand alumina molds you would take this like thisand take the plastic group anagramsand plastic up hereand you just portable mold like this like thisand get this really well Dragon saying that this was a double mold children things because this was the double sided mold we can do it on a positiveand negativeand and put that in thereand finish filling it up like this again when I can waste your time nowhere will get through this pretty quickly but I just want to show how this works against Philip Askinsand want to bore people with this but Phil is more that were next week at this in lower lower doing other things to fill this up all the way almost doneand will make a mess he will do more making has a shrunken headand is now better toy for a six year old kid in a shrunken head just like that actually came a hair all I have to get the hair off of eBay because I didn’t have any hair left in my kitand there is actually guy selling hair for the shrunken head on on the other Fry factoryand I guy that works for meand it opens my mail sometimes he acts he called me said someone sent you a lock of black hair do you want this or is this some kind of creepy fan I don’t know how Diane is good so Macy’s all filled up when we can make in the bone to Julia easy you about it for his nosesand nose bone in the thingand 80 organ negative this thing thereand then the elders than the rope why not tell Jerome againstand is very it’s can be not be messy sorry to cut thisand that will come back to it later here is a man they are seated at times to take a time when we say 400and degreesand only Audrey was already exit as we talk about we have no eggs that said that’s a little reveal their there’s no eggs in our house all we have proudly boil all the. It Abbott Laboratories is done a great job many of these companies of been an incredible job so we looking at that very strongly and were looking at doing something that if we do it we do it let right now what the testing is doing is helpful but where spending massive amounts of money and we want to have it and we want to have a channel very accurately we want them to help the most people we can but we are testing a level that no country in the world and I’ve spoken to the leaders of the world in Alaska about it no country in the world thought it would be it it’s even believable that wherever the test so much 61 million versus in most countries don’t even test unicast when somebody’s feeling badly if somebody’s feeling badly this symptomatic that’s when they test and that’s a big difference with us we go around and looking because we find we find spots we find hotspots one problem is that from the standpoint of the media we end up with far more cases than we would normally show so it’s not as I called it. The people in a nutshell some sell mandatory mass on said no you know on the mass or some say 600 those sums at 250 this is awarded the wood people are distraction for the masses is preventable you
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